Intro to Inferface Builder

July 30, 2008    Intro Programming

So now that you have gotten your hands a bit dirty in the code, lets learn about Interface Builder. If you noticed when you launched your application, there was a blue/white gradient that was blank. So lets do a quick tutorial on how to populate that in Interface Builder.

So in the files section in xcode you will see a MainWindow.xib. If you double click that it will launch Interface Builder.

It looks like the following

If you do not see all the dialogues make sure they are in view.

  • Tools -> Inspector
  • double click on the Navigation Controller.

So now that all is working if you click on the blue bar on top of the View on the Navigation Controller box on the right dialog.

On the Inspector if you select the first tab you will see

  • Title
  • Prompt
  • Back Button

You can set a title here and then File -> Save

Go back into Xcode and build the code and you will see that the bar now has your title you put in. I did Photoblog so mine looks like the following.

I am not including any source code into this since its mostly Interface Builder here.

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