Remote Editing with Eclipse

March 15, 2010    eclipse rse

I was doing some Django work trying to get PayPal WPP to work with my application and it was stuck behind your basic LinkSys wifi router. Now you can just go in and forward the ports, edit PalPal configs and bla bla bla.

That is no fun. So I found a nice little plugin for eclipse that handles remote editing over SFTP. So now I can do all my remote testing/development via SFTP and not have to make all these changes.

So do the following, open up your install manager.

Help -> Install New Software

Add the following URL to the box with Work with

Now select the following item


It might prompt you to install a few dependencies, just install them. It will prompt you to restart eclipse also.

Once it is restarted we need to create a connection

Window -> Open Perspective -> Other

Then select

Remote System Explorer

Then you will see a Remote Systems tab that has appeared and you can right click in that tab and create a new connection. Then you are good to edit remotely.

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