Rollout has been designed

March 18, 2010    fabric github Python rollout

I’m a big fan of fabric, a python module to make deployments easy. It is still very new but has some great features and some major short comings I don’t think the authors thought of before they designed it.

The major shortcoming is a lack of parallel deployments. Fabric works great on 1 or 2 hosts you need to deploy on but when you have more then that for a large application it is painful. There is a patch for parallel deployments and it works but it “breaks” some features of fabric. The main one is the @runs_once.

So I am going to try to build a python module to better handle deployments in a parallel fashion. I have decided to model my module after fabric since I’m very use to it and I think their model works.

I started a GitHub project for it but don’t have any code in there yet.

If you are interested please keep an eye on the project. I hope to make it functional soon.

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