ps aux with line wrap

August 22, 2011   

File this under you learn something new every day.

Ever do a ps aux only to get something like this to happen?

xymon 26931 0.0 0.0 38944 1396 ? S 05:44 0:00 sh -c vmstat 300 2 1>/usr/lib64/xymon/client/tmp/hob

So the output of ps aux gets cut off when it hits the end of your terminal. And you have to expand your width a lot to see it. It always bothered me till I decided to read the man page.

Now I learned you can do

ps aux --width 1000

That will line wrap your output but cut the output at 1000 characters. You can also pass w’s into the command like

ps auxww

That will ignore your terminals width settings

So now we can add the following in our .bashrc or for system wide /etc/profile so we never have to remember to add a ww or –width again

alias ps='ps ww'

So that alias means you can type ps aux and it will be like your typed ps auxww

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