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Tav’s Fabric Fork Quick Start

Tweet I’ve been a big fan of the fabric project for a long time now. It has made my life very easy in the past and gets better with each new release. Well a few weeks ago I got introduced to a fork of the project by Tav. It provides many new feature additions to fabric and makes fabric a little bit better. So the best way to get it started is via the following

Senior Linux Admin Interview Question #2

Tweet You can see all the questions I have compiled here. Question You are already logged into a server and a user runs a fork bomb script. How can you stop the fork bomb without restarting the server or bringing any services offline that are currently running? You also know the name of the running fork bomb script. Reason for the this question This will tell you how well the canidate knows about the signals Linux uses with processes.

Senior Linux Admin Interview Question #1

Tweet So I’m starting a bit of a series on my blog. I’ve found there are no good senior level Linux admin questions out there to ask. A lot of companies with a sys admin team have their default questions they ask but when you are hiring your first sys admin and want a senior guy there is no real way to tell how good he is if no one on your team knows Linux all that well.

One of my most hated interview questions use to be “How many IPs in this subnet?”

Tweet I use to hate this question. I was reading a post on Reddit about some guy that went through the programming interview at Facebook and it made me remember the simple interview question I always hated answering. It always went something like this How many usable IPs in a /24 Ok that is an easy one.. 256-2=254 not a big deal.. next! Then they would ask How many usable IPs in a /28

MongoDB: Remove an arbiter from a replica set

Tweet This isn’t really a straight forward task. From what I know in 1.7 there is a command but that is development only. So I’m running 1.6 and to see the config for my replica set I run rs.conf(); I get the following output > rs.conf(); { "_id" : "core", "version" : 3, "members" : [ { "_id" : 0, "host" : "" }, { "_id" : 1, "host" : "mongo2.

Install Chromium on Fedora

Tweet This is an easy one Create the following file /etc/yum.repos.d/chromium.repo With the following contents [fedora-chromium] name=Chromium web browser and deps baseurl=$releasever/$basearch/ enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 Then run the following yum update yum install chromium

Get Django-NonRel working with VirtualEnv

Tweet MongoDB is getting a lot of press recently. I stumbled across a pretty interesting project called Django-nonrel. This is an attempt to build non-relational databases right into mongodb. Before you could always use a 3rd party ORM or just use pymongo right in Django but then you were missing out on all the nice apps the community has created. So the goal of this project is to make it so you can keep on using those.

Change get_absolute_url for the user object in Django

Tweet I completely overlooked this in the docs. So if you are here you either didn’t look in the docs or overlooked it also. I was doing something like this return (user.get_absolute_url(), (), {}) Now that sends the user to /user/username/ I wanted the user to go to /u/username/ So in your file just do this ABSOLUTE_URL_OVERRIDES = { 'auth.user': lambda o: "/u/%s/" % o.username, }

Tether your android phone to Fedora

Tweet I just dumped my IPhone for an EVO. I wanted it to tether my laptop. I know i can tether using IPhone if I jailbroke it. Why tether on AT&T’s awful network. So I wrote a simple script for the EVO (should work on most androup 2.x phones also) The first thing you want to is enable usb debugging mode on your phone Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging

WSGI Holygrail run multiple versions of Python on same webserver

Tweet One issue hosting providers have is the issue with clients needing to run different version of python. One client might need python 2.4 and others might need 2.5. So in comes uWSGI So this blog post will go over how to install uWSGI on RedHat 5 and making a uWSGI server for both python 2.4 and 2.5 at the same time for different hosts. So the first thing you want to do is download the source